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Canada’s Trade Relationship with the U.S. in Peril?



FEBRUARY 28, 2017, Winnipeg – Business leaders from Western Canada and the United States were joined by economic development organizations and politicians for a ½ day conference on the current trade relationship between Canada and the United States, organized by the World Trade Centre Winnipeg (WTC Winnipeg).

“In the wake of the United States’ official withdrawal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, we are hearing a lot of uncertainty from the local business community. With NAFTA being put into question, it is crucial for business leaders to take a look at their current affairs and ensure they are prepared for what lies next”, explains Mariette Mulaire, President and CEO of the WTC Winnipeg.

Colin Robertson, Vice President of Canadian Global Affairs Institute adds, “We can’t take our access to the US market for granted. We need to reach out to our suppliers, customers and clients, reminding them that Canadians are fair and trusted traders and that Canada is both a good neighbour and reliable ally.”

In addition to Colin Robertson’s keynote address, the important and timely conference included a World Trade Centre Panel (Denver, Savannah, Winnipeg) and an Industry Panel (Think Shift, Challenger Manufacturing, Jackson Springs Premium Spring Water) offering participants insight and key strategies to consider when engaging in current trade with the United States.

Stats (2016):

  • 52% of total Canadian imports are from the US
  • 76% of total Canadian exports are to the US
  • 77% of total Manitoba imports are from the US
  • 68% of total Manitoba exports are to the US
  • Minnesota alone accounts for $1.04 billion of Manitoba exports