Centrallia Global Business Forum

What is Centrallia?

Hosted in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Centrallia is an international business-to-business forum focused on generating trade opportunities for small and medium-sized business.

Described by some as “speed dating” for businesses, Centrallia attracts hundreds of high-level business decision-makers from across North America and around the world.

The format is simple and effective: each company receives up to fourteen 30-minute meetings with potential partners of choice. The full program includes one-on-one meetings, a trade show, industry tours, seminars, meals, networking events and a conference component.

The Centrallia Business Program

More than just a one-off event, Centrallia is platform par excellence for international trade development and investment attraction, with a full pre and post-event support program aimed to help small and medium sized businesses be successful and make connections to grow their business globally.

1.  Pre-event support includes: company profile development, trade show preparation and coaching, matchmaking support, and proactive recruitment based on the identified needs of the registered participants – for those who register early, we seek out and invite the contacts on your behalf.

2.  During the event: full on-site support, translation and interpretation services, access to international trade experts and service providers, and well as on-the-fly rescheduling of meetings to ensure a highly productive experience. We provide a positive and supportive environment to ensure participants can maximise their time and focus on doing business, all while accessing the resources they need to be successful.

3.  Post event support: follow-up contact from the WTC Winnipeg’s trade development team, personalised support and aftercare to pursue trade leads, facilitation services. We work with participants to tackle the vital next steps in order to transform leads and first contacts into business deals.

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