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Manitoba’s Inaugural WORLD TRADE DAY



MAY 24, 2017, Winnipeg – Manitoba’s business leaders will gather on Wednesday, May 31 to celebrate World Trade Day organized by the World Trade Centre Winnipeg (WTC Winnipeg).

Two exciting events will take place during the day to celebrate this momentous occasion. In the afternoon, WTC Winnipeg has invited business leaders to take part in the SUPER 5C event which consists of business-to-business roundtable conversations. Participants will discuss their experiences, challenges and business goals with the WTC Winnipeg and other community partners.

“We are thrilled to announce the first World Trade Day in Manitoba! Our brothers and sisters in the World Trade Centre network have been bringing awareness to international trade through the celebration of World Trade Day in their respective regions for some time,” explains Mariette Mulaire, President and CEO of the WTC Winnipeg. “Manitoba businesses will be able to benefit from the planned events by learning from each other and voicing their needs and wants for the future,” she adds.

Following the SUPER 5C afternoon event is a networking reception for the Connectors’ Club – a WTC Winnipeg initiative. The Honourable Cliff Cullen, Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade will be joining guests at the reception. The Connectors’ Club is comprised of 865 members from all corners of the world who all share a love for Manitoba and want to aid in its economic growth.

“I will be participating at both the SUPER 5C event and the networking Connectors’ Club reception. I’m thrilled to play a part in this inaugural World Trade Day that will no doubt spark great conversations and possibly even create new business for my company,” expressed Nick Bevilacqua, Director of Business Operations for Boeing Canada.

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