Roots & Recovery Program



As a business in Manitoba, it goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you in some way or other. We understand that operations needed to shift, objectives were refocused, sales were unpredictable, and teams were affected.

Please know that you are not alone. Organisations like ours are there to support you during this exceptional time.

To better support you, we present our new ROOTS & RECOVERY program to give you as many resources, information and guidance as possible.

Our promise is to continue to develop key elements that will help with your business recovery. For all questions, please contact us directly at or 204.253.4888 / 1.800.665.2019.

As part of our ROOTS & RECOVERY program, we are proud to announce a new series of webinars and online workshops.

The new E-Commerce Series, developed by the World Trade Centre Winnipeg and Tech Manitoba, is designed to help companies deepen their knowledge of e-commerce and digital strategy for international sales.

The series is delivered by Industry Experts who will answer all your questions and share their tips and best practices on a range of topics such as digital transformation, international sales, online sales and increasing your digital footprint.




List of Webinars and workshops:

Creating and Executing an E-Commerce Digital Strategy
Cyber Security Awareness and Best Practices
Digital Presence Series: Advertising | Monitoring Success | Reputation | SEO | Social Media
Panel: E-Commerce in Today’s World
Key Legal Strategies to Mitigate Risk & Protect Your Investment
Starting a Business in Manitoba: E-Commerce Focused
Tax Considerations
Workshop: Business Model Canvas Explained
Shopify Workshops With Bold Commerce


Click here for the video recordings of the webinars on YouTube

As part of our ROOTS & RECOVERY program, we are proud to announce a new series of recovery focused online workshops.

The new RECOVERY SERIES, developed by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, will begin on September 10 and will be delivered by Industry Experts who will share real-world tips and best practices on a variety of crucial topics to give you as many tools and as much knowledge as possible to make things easier for you and your business to move forward.

Topics covered include:

> Strategy Deployment | Learn how the world’s most successful companies are recovering from COVID-19.

> Ready, Set, Connect! Keys to Effective Employee Communication on the Road to Workplace Recovery | Learn how to leverage communication to align, support and engage employees in the recovery process.

> The Importance of Safety Leadership Through a Pandemic | Learn how to understand culture of a workplace and the impact of culture on operations and safety systems within a workplace.

> Workplace Hazard Fundamentals in COVID-19 Pandemic | Learn how to manage COVID-19 using the fundamentals of hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control (REC).

> Roadmap to Psychological Safety Out of COVID-19 | Learn strategies for mitigating the impact of the pitfalls of pandemic survival and it’s effect on your people.


Advisory Services

#DYK that as a Manitoban you receive free business advisory services from the WTC Winnipeg?

That’s right! We have a team of business and trade advisors ready to listen to your challenges and better understand your business to offer solutions. In addition to our own services, we have a large network of reciprocal partner organisations and global connections to make your life easier.

> 1-on-1 consultations
> Company assessment
> Guidance and resources
> Business introductions and matchmaking

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Pivoting operations? Targeting new clients? Wondering about potential competitors? 

Manitoba-based businesses receive one (1) free annual request for secondary market research. Research can save you time, money and point you in the right direction.

With access to extensive and exclusive databases, you can ask for just about any type of information from our advisors.

Not sure what research to request? Our advisors can discuss this with you to ensure you get the most out of it. 

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Covid-19 Support and resources

Agreed! There is A LOT of information out there and it can be confusing to know where to look and who to trust.

To ease some of that stress, we’ve taken the time to compile and help clarify programs, resources and info from the federal government, provincial government, partners and more.

So go ahead, take some time to navigate the COVID-19 Support and Resources page from a reliable source. 


Webinars and Training Videos

Traditionally, Manitobans were able to attend our seminars in-person or online. Most recently, we have pivoted to offer all of our training and information sessions by webinar.

You can now consult them below at your convenience. This will allow you to review them at your own pace, on your own time, and share them with colleagues, friends, and family.

Roots & Recovery


Leadership in Times of Crisis:
What Your Team Needs From You

Restoring Consumer Confidence During a Pandemic

Getting Your Business Ready for Post COVID-19 Growth

Financial Resilience During a Pandemic

How COVID-19 Changed the Meaning of Viral Marketing

Resiliency and Returning to the Workplace

Supply Chain Management During a Pandemic

Return to Work Protocols

Adapting Your Business Sales

Managing A Remote Workforce