SBW 2018 Keynote Speaker

Dan Belhassen, CEO and Founder, Neovation Learning Solutions

Dan Belhassen, CEO and Founder, Neovation Learning Solutions

CEO and Founder of Neovation Learning Solutions, Dan Belhassen is an elearning innovator, having designed and developed the popular SmarterU LMS, as well as the OttoLearn Adaptive Microlearning platform.

With a focus on demystifying technology, Dan has over 10 years’ experience in delivering engaging sessions for international associations and conferences. He delivers high energy, high-value sessions with actionable, practical take-aways that consistently delight his audiences.

Headquartered in Winnipeg, Dan and the Neovation team provide elearning consulting and systems to hundreds of companies and organizations ranging from small franchise chains to major corporations and manufacturers, and up to the civic administration of the 5th largest urban center in the USA.

Dan is a microlearning evangelist, obsessed with using technology to improve teaching and learning. Most recently, he was a headline presenter at the eLearning Guild’s Microlearning Summit.



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