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Company Profile

Naida Communications is a full-service sales & marketing strategist firm dedicated to providing integrated sales & marketing solutions tailored to your business. Our only mandate is to help your business grow your sales on a consistent basis and elevate your company to another level. We will help you build solid sales & marketing process as well as differentiate you from your competition.

Expert Advice

Thinking of exporting? Having a sales and marketing strategy is key. Here are 5 key items to help you on your way to international growth.

1) Understand your Sales & Marketing Objectives:

> What do you want to achieve? Knowing your end goal will help to determine your direction going forward:
> Brand Awareness
> Increase Sales
> Expand Internationally/Nationally

2) Know who your target market is?

> Research your target audience and understand what communication mediums and messages resonate with them
> What has worked at home might not work abroad or in other regions

3) Develop a Sales & Marketing Strategy:

> Understand your current business and how exporting fits into your overall strategic plan.
> Conduct market research and identify which export markets may be suitable

4) Have a Value Proposition (VP):

> The Value Proposition forms the launching point for all of your sales and marketing moving forward.
> It must resonate with your primary target markets and is an important factor in differentiating your company from the competitions

5) Resources:

> Do your research; is there any other available resource that’s available to you?
> Companies fail to take advantage of resources that may be available to them. This may include support from federal and provincial agencies