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People First HR Services


Company Profile

Founded in 2001 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, People First HR Services has grown to become a leading human resources consulting firm focused in the practice of career management, executive search, human resources consulting, and professional and management recruiting.

People Corporation, a leading group benefits, retirement, and wellness consulting firm, is publicly traded on the TSX and wholly owns People First.

Expert Advice

A company is only as successful as the people within it. When developing a Growth Plan, the People Strategy is a critical component that must align with Financial, Marketing and IT Strategies to achieve business outcomes. As a business grows and enters new markets, looking critically at the talent it has and the talent it needs is a ‘must do’.

It starts with a clearly articulated future vision and desired organizational culture. Ensuring that the leadership team is aligned and has the knowledge, experience and behaviours to achieve this is critical to meeting business objectives.

Articulation of the required behaviours, skills and knowledge for all employees informs how current and future employees are assessed and developed. Determining where to develop, when to recruit and when to outsource are important inputs to the Staffing Plan.

Aligning recruitment processes, understanding the employment legislation in other jurisdictions, consideration of unionized work environments, ensuring relevant rewards and recognition programs, and targeted training and development plans contribute to the attraction and retention of the workforce.

Leading and managing the growth and evolution of the business through a documented Change Plan contributes to the readiness of employees and their adoption of the evolving business. Putting people first enables business success.