TAP Canada

Canada’s Trade Accelerator Program


More than ever, the World Trade Centre Winnipeg (WTC Winnipeg) is leading the way to results. The Canada’s Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) is an innovative and dynamic program aimed at helping Manitoba’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) overcome barriers to exporting. The WTC Winnipeg is pleased to offer TAP Canada in Manitoba, a program that is rapidly gaining momentum across Canada, and a reputation of achieving real results, fast.

Brokering Connections

TAP Canada brings all the players of international trade development located in Manitoba to the table, including federal, provincial and municipal entities. Through TAP Canada, SMEs access all the disseminated information and programs designed to foster their global growth under one roof.

Promoting International Growth

With the input of its expert partners, TAP Canada brings thought-provoking ideas to the participating companies that help them reach beyond their traditional markets. Businesses leave the program with a comprehensive Export Plan, vetted by the best experts in each industry.

Subsequent to their participation in TAP, businesses will be encouraged to participate in follow-up trade development activities targeting their chosen markets. TAP Canada is transforming Canada-bound SMEs into active international companies with impressive growth trajectories.

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