Trip to India Strengthens Network


Mariette Mulaire, President and CEO of the World Trade Centre (WTC Winnipeg) traveled to India from November 16 to 28, to meet with various partner members of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) network. It was an opportunity to strengthen the close ties between network members and to look to the future.

In the two and a half years since WTC Winnipeg joined the network, their range of reach and partners have permanently increased. Mariette Mulaire stressed the importance of making oneself known, so that contact is reciprocal. “One of the main goals was to introduce them to Canada first, and then to Manitoba. We wanted to pique their interest so they would want to attend our international business-to-business forum, Centrallia, which will take place in Winnipeg from May 25-27, 2016.”

Working with people who share the same working view is an undeniable advantage. “Here we are, two and a half years after joining the WTCA,” added the President and CEO. “Purchasing the license was a great investment. It’s really easy to work with the other World Trade Centres; they understand what we are undertaking.”

However, these new partners will not overshadow the old ones; they are opening doors and allowing Manitobans’ needs to be better met. “We will ultimately continue working with governments and Chambers of Commerce. But being a member of this network drastically changes things for us; it has opened us to a whole world of like-mindedness and genuine reciprocity. They are our brothers and sisters in business.”

“We are still here to help Manitobans. We have opened our doors and, with the help of our new network, we can ensure that everyone is able to make good connections.”

India was not chosen randomly. WTC Winnipeg has valuable partners in the country, such as Verbind and the WTCs of Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai. Naturally, keeping the future in mind, WTC Winnipeg chose to travel to the country’s various WTCs. “There were three main reasons that drew us to visit our partners in India. Firstly, they had already come to Canada last year. Also, thanks to the network, we were able to meet with valuable partners, including the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce, the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry, and the Confederation of India Industries. And lastly, on top of everything else, India is becoming a key market that we need to engage in; it’s the future.”

Mariette Mulaire concluded by acknowledging the professionalism of the Indian counterparts, and the hope inspired by positive meetings. “I was welcomed with great kindness and real professionalism. I was able to meet the right people and I’m very confident in our chances to attract businesses to Centrallia! It was a rewarding trip.”