World Trade Day

World Trade Day

Let’s celebrate Manitoba’s inaugural WORLD TRADE DAY!

The WTC Winnipeg has invited business leaders from Manitoba to take part in two exciting events on May 31st to celebrate this momentous occasion. Bringing awareness to international trade is what we do!

Canada is a trading nation. From the beginning of our history we’ve created wealth through trade – from furs to wheat, from minerals to energy. This country, with its rich bounty of natural resources, led by resourceful entrepreneurs, is a trading expert.

We know that trade development and trade agreements have changed over the years. We need to be more targeted, more cost effective and results driven. We need better information leading us to better connections. We need more opportunities to meet face-to-face because – at the end of the day – trade happens the way it always has: with two willing entrepreneurs eager to find a common interest.

World Trade Day Events

SUPER 5C: Café, Croissant, Commerce, Conversation & Connections

Following a very successful series of conversations between Manitoba business leaders, the SUPER 5C will consist of an afternoon of facilitated and insightful conversations between entrepreneurs looking to share their experiences, challenges and business goals with each other and the WTC Winnipeg team.



Share. Connect. Grow.

A networking event following the Super 5C afternoon roundtables.

Established in 2014, the Club currently regroups over 865 business leaders from around the world who hold a special place for Manitoba and are willing to share their network with each other. This wonderful initiative has allowed for numerous connections to be made and continues to shine a light on our beautiful province. Learn more about the club here!

Become a Connector before May 31 and sign up for our networking event! Click here!

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