Connectors’ Club

Good connections lead to good opportunities.

When you’re in business, you rely on several people and companies to grow.

From suppliers and distributors to lawyers and accountants, you can’t do business without them. Have you ever searched the internet looking for a supplier or vendor because you just don’t know any yourself?  Hundreds of results pop up on your screen but not a warm lead in the bunch.

The Connectors’ Club takes all the guess-work out of the process and helps find the right connection for you.  As a member of the Connectors’ Club, which is absolutely free, you can tap into a vast network of experienced and reputable businesses from Manitoba and around the world that are looking to connect as well.

Here’s how it works:


You’re looking for a person or company to help you (eg. supplier, distributor, agent in another jurisdiction, etc.)


WTC Winnipeg taps into a vast network of experienced companies with great connections to see if anyone can help.


You contact WTC Winnipeg with the details.


WTC Winnipeg vets all the information before providing it to you to ensure it’s a warm lead.

We even hold an exclusive event once a year just for members of the Connectors’ Club to help build a network of partners interested in helping each other succeed.

Sounds interesting. Tell me more…

What type of connections could I ask for help with?

The Connectors’ Club is useful for connecting businesses with:

  • distributors
  • suppliers / vendors
  • professional services like lawyers, accountants, consultants, etc.
  • agents
  • and more!

What type of connections are excluded?

The Connectors’ Club is for business ventures only.

Why should I become a Connector?

Every business has had its struggles and sleepless nights. Once you’ve gained invaluable experience and insight, you may wish to help others. As a Connector, you’ll be paying it forward by leveraging your experience and expertise to help open doors for other Manitoba companies.

Will it take a lot of my time?

No. If you’re not interested in the requests for help that we send, no action is required. Just hit delete!

If I’m a Connector, will you flood my inbox with requests for help?

Definitely not. We vet all requests to make sure they are appropriate and have merit. We never know exactly how many requests we’ll get but we’ll keep the emails to a bare minimum.

How do I leave the Connectors’ Club?

You can unsubscribe at any time or contact WTC Winnipeg to be removed from the email list.

You said it was free, but is it?

The Connectors’ Club is absolutely free. There is no cost to join. There is no cost to ask for help or for the connections provided to you. WTC Winnipeg is committed to providing you with valuable business solutions so you can succeed and grow!