Program Format

Program Format

The next TAP cohort will be offered virtually and will begin in fall 2022! The 8-week program will comprise of half-day interactive sessions on the following components:


Phase 1: Discover

Program begins with a series of interactive sessions to introduce participants to the fundamentals of exporting an international trade, stimulate peer-to-peer exchange, and provide guidance and resources.

Phase 3: Build

Over the following weeks, participants work on their plan with the full support of the WTC Winnipeg Trade team to guide and assist them.


Phase 2: Develop

Participants receive hands-on support from leading export advisors. Together with their TAP mentors and Trade advisors, participants begin developing their export plan.


Phase 4: Accelerate

The final days of the program are focused on mentoring, constructive feedback, and reinforcing business relationships. Participants receive individual mentoring sessions from our expert partners.

Eligibility Guidelines

The companies sought for TAP participation should meet the following criteria:

  • Is already exporting a product, service or technology, but wishes to diversify its export markets. – OR – Has taken exploratory steps to develop their business abroad
  • Generates more than $500,000 in annual revenue
  • Is willing to dedicate senior representatives to participate in all stages of the program
  • Has a product, service or technology with a strong competitive advantage as a result of quality or patent protection
  • Is a good corporate citizen devoid of corruption and environment and human rights violations
  • Can share two years of financial statements with its application to demonstrate its solvency