Roots and Recovery

The stress on Manitoba businesses caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic is real. The uncertainty can feel overwhelming. No one knows when this global pandemic will end but wwant to help you stabilize your business right now, build your resiliency to deal with new waves, and keep your business moving forward. 

The new ROOTS & RECOVERY program will help you rediscover your roots – the fundamentals of your business and marketplace – so you can recover faster and prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. 

We’re offering a variety of workshops, advisory services, expert-level market research, COVID-19 resource navigators, and convenient online webinars.


The WTC Winnipeg has partnered with the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters to provide you with practical advice and knowledge from industry experts to help you with meaningful business solutions. 

You’ll learn: 

> Strategy Deployment | Learn how the world’s most successful companies are recovering from COVID-19. 

> Effective Employee Communication | Learn how to leverage communication to align, support and engage employees in the recovery process. 

> Safety Leadership Through a Pandemic | Learn how to understand the culture of a workplace and the impact on operations and safety systems within a workplace. 

> Workplace Hazard Fundamentals | Learn how to manage COVID-19 using the fundamentals of hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control (REC). 

> Psychological Safety | Learn strategies for mitigating the impact of the pitfalls of pandemic survival and its effect on your people. 

Advisory Services 

Finding practical business solutions and helping you grow is our focusIf you need someone to listen and provide you with practical insights to help your business recover, our advisors are ready and available to do just that. 

Our free advisory services include: 

>1-on-1 confidential consultations
>Company assessment
>Guidance and resources
>Business introductions and leads 

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Get started now. Book your 1-on-1 at or 204.253.4888 / 1.800.665.2019. 

Market Research 

Pivoting operations? Targeting new clients? Wondering about potential competitors?  

Rediscover your market and figure out how to expand your business opportunities with free (annualmarket research. 

With access to extensive and exclusive databases, you can ask for just about any type of information from our advisors. You’ll get free expert market research that could prove to be invaluable to your recovery. 

Not sure what research to request? Our advisors can also discuss that with you to ensure they provide you with the exact research you need. 

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COVID-19 Resources 

There is a lotof information out there. It can be confusing to know where to look and what will help you. As a first step, we’ve put it all in one spot so you can check it out whenever you have time. 

Find exactly what you need without wasting timeGet in touch with our team and we’ll also help you navigate the information to efficiently find what works best for you.  

Check out COVID-19 Support and Resourcesand contact us at or 204.253.4888 / 1.800.665.2019. 



Access a variety of helpful webinars at a time and location that works for you. 

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Please contact us directly at or 204.253.4888 / 1.800.665.2019.