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Translating other site content

Besides posts and pages, there are other elements that you will want to translate. This includes front-end texts coming from your theme and plugins, menus, widgets, and more.

Again, you can send these types of content for translation to others, or translate it directly by yourself.

Translating menus

WPML lets you translate WordPress menus and create different menus per language. You can translate menus manually, or have WPML synchronize menu content.

The menu sync tool aims to keep your menus in different languages synchronized. It does so by adding or removing items from the translated menus. This way, any manual edits that you do on the translated menus are kept through the sync process.

WPML will show you what it’s going to do. You’ll see which entries will be added or removed from the translated menus. Click on the Sync button to perform the selected operations. Anything you add manually to the translated menus will be preserved throughout WPML sync operation.

Testing block quote in classic editor


Questions about WPML?

Visit WPML’s documentation series to view tutorials and learn more about translation management.