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No matter the stage or state of your business, you’ve got questions.

One of the biggest questions might be, who can walk me through all of this? The business world is rapidly changing and you could use someone in your corner to help you navigate it all.

Business Planning Program

A newly developed Business Planning Program for Manitoba entrepreneurs!

The next session begins on February 7.

SIAL Canada: Toronto 2023

If you are a registered business in Manitoba, you can EXHIBIT at SIAL 2023 with The World Trade Centre Winnipeg!


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Market research is an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. Join us on Jan 18 for this free webinar on the importance of market research when you are planning to grow your business within Canada.


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Upcoming partner seminars: whether you have an idea for a new business, want to grow in Manitoba, find new markets throughout Canada or export around the world, @wtcwinnipeg helps businesses grow. Check out their upcoming line up of seminars here:

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The Events Calendar – November 15, 2022

The Events Calendar – November 15, 2022

Upcoming Events Read MORE Book a FREE Consultation SIAL is back! SIAL Canada is the largest food innovation trade show in North America, and it is a key component of...

SIAL 2022: Tasty Heat’s

SIAL 2022: Tasty Heat’s

A bit of Sri Lankan flavors in your meal with Tasty Heat’s products! Tasty Heat’s Hot Sauces are the world’s first Sri Lankan-Inspired hot pepper sauce manufactured in Canada. They produce different unique hot sauces to meet the different hotness levels and flavors...

SIAL 2022: Better Hemp Company

SIAL 2022: Better Hemp Company

Better Hemp Company: Make the world better one spoon at a time! Better Hemp Company produces high quality bulk hemp foods and ingredients as well as unique and delicious retail hemp food products. Their bulk foods include: Hemp Hearts, Hemp Oil, Hemp Protein and Hemp...

SIAL 2022: The Canadian Birch Company

SIAL 2022: The Canadian Birch Company

The Canadian Birch Company: 100% handcrafted gourmet and local! Glenda and her husband, Rory Hart, craft the world’s finest pure birch syrup from organic birch sap and create other gourmet products made from birch syrup. Their unique products are sold under the name...