Partner Opportunities

Every business is looking to get the word out. Finding the right forum is the tricky part. Associating with the best brands and getting in front of your target audience – and all for the right price – is a big challenge.

Our sponsorship and advertising opportunities are unique because the audience consists of a broad network of entrepreneurs, professionals and business people, all of whom are your potential customers, vendors and partners.

Take advantage of the WTC Winnipeg’s extensive reach and audience with people looking to grow their business around the world. Sponsorship and advertising with a trusted partner like the WTC Winnipeg can increase your visibility in the business community, increase your sales, increase awareness or help with a product launch.

Your target audience visits our website and social media, reads our weekly e-communication, and attends our digital and in-person seminars and events. Work with us to reach your target audience through the right sponsorship or advertising opportunity.

Two of our biggest events of the year are World Trade Day and Small Business Week Kickoff Luncheon.

World Trade Day provides local business leaders with a platform to learn, grow and connect. The annual event continues to help Manitoba’s business community diversify its markets.

Start Small Business Week in style at the Kickoff Luncheon where we put an extra spotlight on event partners in a variety of unique ways that help your business stand out.

The WTC Winnipeg uses funds raised through sponsorship and advertising to help Manitoba businesses grow locally, nationally and around the world.

Check out our Global Partnership and Advertising Guide for details. Call us to figure out what works best for your business.

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Brigitte Kemp-Chaput

Business Development Manager