Networking Events

Everyone talks about the importance of networking. They say it’s something you just have to do. But why? And how?

Is it just a matter of talking to people and telling them about your business? How can I find the time beyond my friends and family when I have a business to run?

You don’t need to network just to be social and have fun. You need to network to create meaningful relationships, exchange valuable information and create leads. Done right, networking can help you grow your business by using your time efficiently to connect with the right people at the right time.

You can access some of the best networking opportunities through the World Trade Centre Winnipeg.


World Trade Day

Business people just like you are looking to connect, exchange ideas and find new ways to grow. World Trade Day serve as an opportunity to bring together the business community to learn and make connections.  This event is typically held in May.


Small Business Week Kickoff Luncheon

The Small Business Week Kickoff Luncheon, in partnership with the Business Development Bank of Canada, is another great chance to celebrate the contributions of the millions of small business operators around the world and to put that goodwill into action by making new connections and comparing notes. This annual event is held in October.

While these two events may be the biggest, they are not the only ones. Our Calendar highlights all the other events we have planned. Check back often and pick the ones that work for you and your schedule.

It might only take one new meaningful connection to take your business to the next level!