Business Missions

The information, research and guidance about new global markets that you have access to through the WTC Winnipeg is invaluable.

Combined with networking opportunities, it can often feel like you’re immersed in the new market you’re studying.

But there is nothing quite like the real thing.

That’s why the WTC Winnipeg has been a part of business missions all over the world, from Mexico to South Korea to France. We’ve also hosted business missions from other countries to promote trade and opportunities for local companies.

Business missions provide a unique opportunity to meet key government, trade and commerce officials, potential business partners, vendors and customers. You can attend conferences and meet industry and market leaders to learn about the market you’re exploring firsthand.

The world can feel small given how easily we can connect these days.

Being a part of a unique business mission will show you just how big your potential markets can be and allow you to experience it for yourself.

While no business missions are currently being planned due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are constantly thinking of ways to help connect you with new opportunities, including digital business missions. Feel free to call us if you have suggestions that can help local businesses grow. We can often work with a variety of groups and partners to customize new business missions around the world.