Cobra Enterprises continues to grow Oct 13, 2023

By Jennifer McFee

A booming family business is hammering out a presence in the construction industry — both in Manitoba and beyond.

Cobra Enterprises took root in 2009 when Tyler Prevost launched Beausejour-based Cobra Construction, bringing to the business his electrical and carpentry skills. He teamed up with his brother Shane Prevost, who enhanced the enterprise with his background in residential and commercial construction.

Six years later, the brothers bolstered the business by adding Cobra Structures, which focuses on fabric structures.

After that, they partnered with Norway House Cree Nation to create Bison Modular Homes to provide building and housing solutions for First Nations and Indigenous communities.

A division of Cobra Enterprises, Bison Modular Homes provides safe, durable, and reliable homes to Indigenous communities across Canada. Pictured here is Model 1854-4-2, four-bedroom.
A division of Cobra Enterprises, Bison Modular Homes provides safe, durable, and reliable homes to Indigenous communities across Canada. Pictured here is Model 1854-4-2, four-bedroom.

Recently, the company added Cobra Mechanical to offer mechanical, HVAC, gas-fitting, electrical and plumbing services.

Together, these four divisions fall under the umbrella of Cobra Enterprises, which has completed projects spanning the country from New Brunswick to the Northwest Territories as well as in the United States.

“What really sets us apart in Canada is that we’re a one-stop shop for building solutions,” says marketing manager Kale Brereton.

“Because of the business structure, each of our divisions can do a particular service with clients. We’re also specialists in remote community work.”

When it comes to environmental, social and governance practices, the company continues to make its mark.

“From a corporate standpoint, we have a high social governance,” Brereton says.

“We donate to many different types of charities and we’re very involved in our community.”

In addition, Cobra Enterprises has connected with the Rural Manitoba Economic Development Corporation (RMED) about best practices for recycling, both within the company and the community.

“We’re trying to spearhead a better recycling program in the Beausejour area industrial complex,” Brereton says.

“Beyond what we do at a corporate level, our homes through Bison Modular Homes are over 20 per cent more energy efficient than current energy codes. We have solar panels on most homes, along with heat recovery systems and LED wafer lights.”

During a recent RMED tour, Cobra Enterprises welcomed World Trade Centre Winnipeg representatives to the facility, which opened the door to further discussions.

After this initial interaction, WTC Winnipeg provided Cobra Enterprises with market research while also facilitating e-introductions with contacts that can help grow the company’s exposure across Manitoba.

“Cobra Enterprises had the pleasure of hosting WTC Winnipeg along with representatives from all levels of government and RMED,” says Shane Prevost, vice-president of business development for Cobra Enterprises.

“Cobra is deeply grateful for the impact that the relationship with WTC Winnipeg has brought to our business and the resources that they have provided us with for both exposure within Manitoba and business development. Our executive team has been able to utilize these resources to the benefit of all our divisions.”

WTC Winnipeg trade advisor Esmeralda Rodriguez Arias expressed similar positive sentiments about the experience.

“It was great to see all the amazing projects from Cobra Enterprises and see all the support they want to receive from us,” she says. “It was great to learn about their successful expansion in the U.S.”

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