Export Plan Program 1

Welcome to the Export Plan Program

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1. Market Entry Strategies

This section covers the most basic information of international trade considerations. Based on the product or service, how would the company be best suited to enter the market?

2 topics | 4 articles | 2 videos

2. Targeting the Right Market

This section covers market intelligence gathering and macro economic trends analysis. The company should be able to evaluate whether their chosen market is feasible or make the decision to change their approach.

2 topics | 4 articles | 2 videos

3. Understanding Your Market

This section incorporates secondary market research on the micro economic scale to explore market wants and needs.

2 topics | 4 articles | 2 videos

4. Product/Business Strategy

This section covers the necessity of any product or service adaptation and certification processes needed to access the target market based on industry. This section will also elaborate on information from the previous module on any customer or consumer preferences.

2 topics | 4 articles | 2 videos

5. Sales Strategy

This section will describe the companies’ sales processes and elaborate on their market entry strategies.

2 topics | 4 articles | 2 videos

6. Finance

This section will provide companies with a realistic approach on necessary financial requirements required to export. It will also cover available financial products available from export credit agencies, financial institutions and other sources.

2 topics | 4 articles | 2 videos

7. Logistics

This section will provide information on the different aspects of shipping or servicing a contract. This section will elaborate on the all the prior sections.

2 topics | 4 articles | 2 videos

8. Market Development

This section will be based on goal development and the activities that a company will pursue to expand or be continually viable in the market.

2 topics | 4 articles | 2 videos

9. Online presence

This section will incorporate all other modules in a solution focused risk management strategy while conducting business in a foreign market.

2 topics | 4 articles | 2 videos

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