Our 2023 Webinar Recap Dec 20, 2023

As we wrap up the year, we wanted to compile a list of all the webinars we conducted in 2023. Most of these sessions are available on our YouTube channel, so be sure to watch them! We hope that these recordings can provide continual value to you and your business.

A special thanks goes to our staff and presenters who generously share their time and knowledge to make these webinar sessions possible.

1. Grow Your Business with Strategic Market Research

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In this webinar, we explored the importance of conducting market research for business expansion in Canada. Some key topics that we addressed include the essence of market research, its role in fostering business growth, the types of information you may seek out, potential sources, and available assistance.

2. SME Cybersecurity Essentials

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Presented by Jacob Martens from ISED Canada, this webinar covered essential information tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises concerning cybersecurity in the Canadian economy. The presentation centered on background information, foundational best practices, and insights into the Cyber Secure Canada program.

Watch the recording to gain valuable knowledge, including important background on the state of cybersecurity in Canada, alarming statistics on cyber attacks targeting SMEs, the significance of cybersecurity for businesses, and actionable steps to enhance your SME’s cybersecurity posture, starting from today.

3. Optimizing Your Supply Chain

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In this webinar, Rick Reid of Supply Chain Manitoba highlighted the strategic importance of effective and efficient supply chain management for businesses to achieve leading competitive standing in their respective business sectors.

The session provided a comprehensive overview of the fundamental components within supply chain management, encompassing operations, purchasing, logistics, distribution, and inventory/warehousing. Participants gained valuable insights into how these components synergize to provide businesses the competitive advantage of proficient supply chain operations.

4. Managing Risk Through Circular Economy

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In another great webinar presented by Rick Reid of Supply Chain Manitoba, we delved into the importance of building more sustainable supply chains.

From local business to public agencies, circular economy is increasingly viewed as a linchpin to managing costs and environmental concerns. Emphasizing the pivotal role of supply chain management practices in achieving circularity, the session highlighted how supply chain professionals are at the forefront of identifying material security risks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for reduced material consumption.

Attendees gained valuable insights into the basics of the circular economy, its application in the Manitoba supply chain context, and practical tools and information tailored for small and midsize enterprises aiming to embrace circular practices.

5. Cross-Cultural Communications

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Navigating the world of international business can be complex.
A key element to master? Cross-cultural communication.

In this webinar, we shared some practical insights on:
✅ Positioning yourself effectively in international business
✅ Negotiating contracts from a multicultural perspective
✅ Leveraging your unique worldview to your advantage
✅ Mitigating risks related to cultural differences

6. The Importance of a Business Plan

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The road ahead has a lot of uncertainty – which is why you need to write a business plan.

This webinar is designed to help you develop a clear understanding of what a strategic business plan can do for your business. From why you need a business plan, to its critical elements, and how to make it work for you both systematically and tactically.

7. How to Start a Business in Manitoba

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In this webinar, we covered the basic requirements you need to consider when starting your own business in Manitoba.

We addressed key topics such as: name registration, taxation, licensing requirements, and types of business organizations (e.i. home-based business).

8. The Importance of an Export Plan

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In this webinar, we explored the challenges exporters face and emphasized the significance of thorough preparation and planning to overcome them. Participants gained insights into the definition and importance of an export plan, along with essential components to include in an export plan.

9. A Human-Centered Approach to Customer Service: Building Meaningful Connections for a Better Customer Experience

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Dive into the heart of exceptional customer experiences with this webinar presented by Ben Dueck of Crestcom Manitoba.

Gain insights into modern customer service challenges and unlock the key to delivering outstanding assistance. Discover the art of crafting remarkable customer interactions while fostering an enriching employee experience that directly enhances customer satisfaction.

10. An Introduction to Market Research

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Refreshing yourself on the basics of market research can help you (re)frame your approach to your business plan.

The session addressed key questions, providing clarity on what market research entails, the benefits it brings to your business, the optimal timing for conducting research, the types of information to seek, and valuable insights into where to find this information and who can assist you in your research endeavors.

11. An Overview of Manitoba Employment Standards

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Presented by Employment Standards Officers, Michelle Brennan & Chantal Smith, this webinar provides an overview of the rights and responsibilities of Manitoba employers and employees under minimum standards legislation.

We explored the Employment Standards Code, including commonly asked questions such as: Who is covered under this legislation? What is minimum wage? And how is overtime calculated? As well as general holidays, vacation, and ending employment.

12. Choosing the Right International Market

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Participating in global business practices requires a different approach than when expanding into more familiar territories – what might work here could lead to absolute failure abroad, and vice versa.

In this webinar, we discussed how business owners can navigate international customs by researching and adapting their strategies for success. Following the presentations we had a conversation with our guest speaker, Victoria Umin, Director & Co-Founder of Green&Clean Global, who shared her expertise and recommendations on this topic.

13. The Art of Small Talk: How to Connect in a Hybrid World

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In this webinar presented by Ben Dueck of Crestcom Manitoba we help you unlock the power of connections in today’s hybrid world.

Discover the benefits, effective strategies, and techniques to excel in both virtual and in-person interactions. Elevate your conversational skills for meaningful relationships in professional and personal spheres.

14. What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur

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With this webinar, we wanted to help budding entrepreneurs determine whether starting a business is the right move for them.

Here are the key topics we covered:
✅ Tools and resources for starting a business
✅ Tips for being a successful entrepreneur
✅ Leadership and management insights
✅ Balancing life and entrepreneurship

Following the presentation we had an inisghtful conversation with our guest speaker, Rachel Nedelec, owner and founder of Flour & Flower Bakery.

15. Do More with Less: Exploring Automation & AI in Microsoft 365

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Automating repetitive and manual information-based tasks can save time, money, and resources for your organization. In this session presented by Ryan Bialek of Clear Concepts, we uncovered how you can easily get started with Business Process Automation and AI tools included and integrated with Microsoft 365.

16. Do More with More: Exploring the Full Value of Microsoft 365 Business Premium

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium includes a powerful set of software tools. In this session presented by Ryan Bialek of Clear Concepts, we reviewed how leveraging the complete solution can help you grow your business, protect your data, and bolster the collaborative abilities of your team.

17. Collective Intelligence: The Power of Collaboration

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In this webinar, Ben Dueck of Crestcom Manitoba delved into the synergy of teamwork and its pivotal role in organizational achievement.

The session aimed to enhance understanding and cultivate effective strategies for fostering collective intelligence and collaboration within teams. Attendees gained valuable insights into the concept of collective intelligence, learned practical ways to build it, and developed strategies to promote greater collaboration among team members.

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Ask the Advisors series

In 2023 we started our Ask the Advisors series! These are 30 minute sessions designed to get your questions answered on a variety of topics. It’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs to engage in a roundtable discussion (online) with our Business and Trade Advisors, along with fellow business owners. We don’t record these sessions, so if you want to join in please check out our events calendar page for more.

Here are the sessions we’ve done in 2023:

Ask the Advisors: A Roundtable Discussion on the Importance of a Business Plan

Ask the Advisors: A Roundtable Discussion on Starting a Business in Manitoba

Ask the Advisors: A Roundtable Discussion on Validating your Business Idea

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