Dimatec drills into new markets with TAP program Jan 21, 2022

By: Jennifer McFee

A local manufacturing company is drilling down into international opportunities, thanks to a practical program that aims to accelerate worldwide trade.

Dimatec launched in 1988 to design and manufacture innovative, high-quality metal bond diamond products and drilling equipment components. The company also creates precision-machined parts for sectors that include mineral exploration, mining, geotechnical and energy.

The Manitoba-based business has been forging forward with a new generation of leaders since president and CEO Daryl Perry joined the ranks.

“Our biggest strength is our people and the customers we have served over the years,” Perry says.

“As a 33-year company, many people have dedicated their entire careers or greatest part of their careers working at Dimatec. New people have also recently joined the team who will work to secure our future.”

To further expand its reach, Dimatec enrolled in the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) through World Trade Centre Winnipeg.

This progressive program works with two types of companies: those that want to export but aren’t sure where to start and those that are already exporting but want to expand their market.

Twice a year, cohorts from all industries connect through this interactive program, which features input from experts in a variety of areas.

For Perry, the benefits of participating in the program are clear to see.

“TAP allowed us to focus on more international growth and how best to benefit from the resources around companies in Manitoba,” he says.

 “An idea that started out of our discussions from the TAP experience was the Drillers Project. It allows us to focus on the people who use our products.”

This project offers the ultimate solution for drillers to get the best fit for their unique conditions. The company creates customized matrix technology that is shipped within a week, and experts are on hand to offer their assistance.

Perry encourages others to consider participating in TAP. This program ensures that company leaders dedicate time to work on their overall business instead of just toiling in the day-to-day tasks.

“When our team joined TAP, we created the time and energy we needed to plan for growth into a new international market,” he says.

“We were amazed at the expertise of the people — from finance to legal to human resources to marketing — who, working through TAP, helped us develop and strengthen our plan. We now are activating our plan and seeing our international sales grow.”

At the same time, Perry expresses gratitude for others who have helped along the way — particularly with Lean manufacturing, which aims to maximize productivity while minimizing waste.

“We are also thankful to the efforts of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, who have advocated for Manitoba and Canadian business and support us in our efforts for continued improvement in our Lean manufacturing or advanced manufacturing pursuits,” Perry says.

“We are looking forward to being a tour location for the National Lean conference in Winnipeg next year.”

For more information about World Trade Centre Winnipeg’s Trade Accelerator program, visit www.wtcwinnipeg.com or contact trade advisor Camille Bardy at 204-202-1539 or email cbardy@wtcwinnipeg.com.

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