SIAL 2022: Manitoba Delegation

The World Trade Centre Winnipeg is an information portal for Manitoba entrepreneurs. As members of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) and the Western Canada Business Service Network (WCBSN), we are centered on business. WTC Winnipeg is one of 319 World Trade Centres in 91 countries in the World, and its mission is to connect Manitoba to markets around the world.

This year, WTC Winnipeg is representing the Manitoba delegation under the Western Pavilion at SIAL Canada 2022. We will be accompanying six Manitoba companies in the food industry to showcase their products to buyers and other businesses from across Canada, the US, and all over the world. These companies will make up part of the western Canadian pavilion at SIAL from April 20th to 22th, 2022.

“We are bringing six companies that have products to sell and hoping to make b2b contacts and relationships at the trade show and meet buyers from elsewhere in Canada, but also, hopefully, internationally” says Natalie Courcelles Beaudry, Director of Operations at WTCW.

The Manitoba companies attending offer a range of products from different agri-food sectors: Better Hemp Company, Zeghers Canada (grains and seeds), Floating Leaf Fine Foods (wild rice), The Canadian Birch Company (birch syrup, sauces and jams), Tasty Heat (hot sauces and pastes) and Native Canadian Chip Corporation – the makers of Tomahawk chips.

To know more about these companies, we invite you to check out their profiles below:



Better Hemp Company Inc.

Daniel, Kreklewich, CEO

PO Box 97
Portage la Prairie, 
R1N 3B2

Better Hemp Company Inc. is a producer and seller of high quality bulk hemp foods and ingredients as well as unique and delicious retail hemp food products. They make food BETTER with HEMP!

Their bulk foods include: Hemp Hearts, Hemp Oil, Hemp Protein and Hemp Butter.

Their retail products include: organic and conventional Hemp Hearts, Hemp Heart Almond Butter, Hemp Heart Peanut Butter, Hemp Heart Honey, with more to be launched over the coming months.

Company Profile

Better Hemp Company was incorporated with a view to selling healthy products made from hemp seeds. The company was set up in 2016 and began selling hemp hearts and other products in 2017.

Products Added Value

Hemp has been available in Canada and elsewhere since 1999. It is a healthy food that is high in Omega 3s, 6s, and 9s as well as a complete protein, and iron. It is delicious, nutritious, and very versatile.

Market and Points of Sales

Their primary sales have been to food manufacturers who use the products as an ingredient in their own products, or who sell the ingredients as a product themselves (hemp hearts).

Retail products are currently available in stores in Manitoba and online on and

This is their first participation at SIAL Show.

The Canadian Birch Company

Glenda Hart, Co-founder & VP

PO Box 283
Grand Marais, Manitoba
R0E 0T0

They craft the world’s finest pure birch syrup from organic birch sap, so delicious they spun it into an award-winning gourmet collection! Featuring Pure Birch Syrups – Gold, Amber & Dark, Birch Bacon Jam, Birch Whiskey Toffee Sauce, Birch for Breakfast Syrups, and new Birch Balsamic Tomato Jam & Birch Chocolate Toffee Sauce! Innovative and delicious products are made locally in Manitoba, Canada.

Company Profile

Glenda and her husband, Rory Hart, own 240 acres of land of which 135 acres is birch forest. The rest of the land is dedicated to replantation (new growth). They have been in business for 10 years now. Its mission has always been to provide the best possible quality birch syrup – The Gold Standard of Birch Syrup; and high-quality, value-added birch syrup products. They are located in Grand Marais, one hour north of Winnipeg.


They believe in environmental and sustainable stewardship of their renewable resource and strive to offer healthy and environmentally friendly products.


They have an online store
where you can find their Pure Birch Syrups, their Sweet & Sociable collection, and their Taster Packs and Gift Boxes.

Everything is available in Canada, with select products shipping to the US and UK.

In Canada, you can find their products in select grocery stores, independent gourmet food stores, and gift shops.


This is their second time in SIAL as exhibitors, but since 2013, their market has grown and their collection has expanded with new unique products.

Zeghers Canada

Megan Kemp, Sales & Purchasing Manager

PO Box 426
Holland, Manitoba
R0K 0H0

What began as a regional pedigreed seed business in 1985 has grown into an international known company that provides the innovative raw grains used in many food products around the world.

Sourcing from prime growing areas of Western Canada, Zeghers process and packages the highest quality consistent raw grains to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations.

Zeghers specializes in high purity Brown and Golden Flax seed, through innovative automation. They have the expertise to provide the ingredients used in global food products that speaks to the quality, purity and safety.


Zeghers speciality grains include flax, buckwheat, millet, peas, and mustard.

When it comes to raw ingredients there are many different sources, however Zeghers focus on quality and consistent grains. Zeghers work with their customers in their needs and match that with the correct variety of grain.

Market and Business

Their product is sold as a raw ingredient for further processing, they sell into the snack food, oil extraction, milling, and bakery markets.

They do business across the world. They market in several different countries however they have been focusing on building their business with food processors in North America.

This is their 7 time at SIAL SHOW in Montreal.

The currents sales of the company (2021) are $15,000,000$

Floating Leaf Fine Foods

Matthew Ratuski, Director of Possibilities

28 A Christopher St.
Sunny Side, Manitoba
R5R 0E5 

They are a Canadian family business specializing in: wild rice, pulses, grains, hemp, quinoa and custom complete plant based protein multi grain blends. Their family has been involved in the Canadian wild rice business since 1935.

They offer their products in: retail, club, food service, bulk and ingredient. All of their products are: non-gmo verified, plant based, gluten free, vegan, unseasoned, organic offerings and the highest quality.

Their facility is certified BRC accredited food manufacturing company, centrally located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Their services included co-packing and private label.

Business Profile

Floating Leaf Fine Foods is a 4th generation, Canadian owned company. It was founded in the 1930’s when they brought the tradition of local wild rice into our grocery store.

Today, their family – Kathy, Murray, and their two sons, Matthew and Sheldon – are passionate about combining the best, high quality ingredients to bring health and taste together!


Healthy plant based multi grain blends, complete proteins, including wild rice, pulses, grains, hemp, quinoa and custom complete plant based protein multi grain blends.

Market and Stores

You will find Floating Leaf products in a wide range of grocery stores throughout Canada (Safeway, Costco, LCL, Sysco) and also online stores as and

They market their products through Canada, USA, as well as Dubaï.

Values and Mission

Encouraging an excellent health among people, with healthy cuisine.
Using their experience, expertise and good judgement to produce premium wild rice and wild rice products, in order to meet the needs of their customers with excellence.

To ensure measures of accountability and fairness to their harvesters, their customers and the environment.

This is not their first participation to SIAL SHOW in Montreal.

Tasty Heat’s Foods

Amila R. W. Gadara, Owner

63 Nova Vista Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2N 2K8 

Tasty Heat’s Foods, is a Canadian premium condiments manufacturer with Sri Lankan Roots. They are bringing authentic Sri Lankan flavors to the Canadian market, since 2016! Their head office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Tasty Heat’s Hot Sauces are the world’s first Sri Lankan-Inspired hot pepper sauce manufactured in Canada. They produce different unique Hot Sauces to meet the different hotness levels and flavors and unique condiments.

Currently, their products line includes Hot Sauces, Chili Paste, and the Award-winning “10 Min Meat Curry Mix” (Scoville Award 2022, Albuquerque New Mexico) which is a real quick meal maker for many people in a small pocket.Their vision is to deliver you a quality product with good heat followed by the taste without ruining the flavor of your meal or not suffering at the end of the meal. That is the exact meaning of their company’s name “Tasty Heat”.

Their products are sold through Sobeys, Safeway, IGA, Save On Foods,, Coop,, and many retailers across the country and a few stores in the USA.

Business Profile

Mr Amila Gadara is the founder of this 6th-year-old company. This is its first participation at the SIAL SHOW. They market their product in Canada, the USA, and Europe as well. They are looking to find specialized distributors for their products as well as big food chains to sell their condiments.

Tomahawk Chips

Alfred Lea, President

Box 359
53 Laura Avenue
Riverton, Manitoba
R0C 2R0 

Native Canadian Chip Corporation is an Indigenous owned and operated company providing potato chips and other products to Canada and international markets.

Tomahawk Chips is a private label brand of Native Canadian Chip Corporation which is Indigenous owned and operated with no Financial Assistance


Tomahawk Brand excellent flavours chips are Regular, BBQ, Ketchup, Salt & Vinegar and Fire Chips, and many other products to follow as Coffee, Pop Corn, Cheezie’s and Onion Rings.

Tomahawk Potato Chips have distinctive packaging featuring Indigenous graphics.

Their products feature unique flavouring and are noticeable by their artwork which no others in the market place globally.

Business Profile

Native Canadian Chip Corporation has been in operation since 2015. Their corporate office is in Riverton, Manitoba with warehousing in Toronto and Winnipeg.

Tomahawk is a recognizable international brand by virtue of their Indigenous artwork and interest shown by various countries globally.

Market and Sales

Native Canadian Chip Corporation is across Canada and in California working on national distribution across the United States and overseas markets by 2023.

Their products are sold in Canada at Safeway, Arctic Co-operatives, North West Company, Sobeys, Foodland, Buy Low, BC IGA’s, Country Grocer, Walmart, Neighborly Pharmacy’s, and various small stores.

In California: Save Marts, Nob Hill, Safeway USA and various ma and pa stores, looking forward to expanding across USA in 2022 and 2023.

We can find also their products on and on their online boutique, as well as their other products to support the local community at

This is their second visit at SIAL SHOW in Montreal.