SIAL 2022: The Canadian Birch Company Nov 1, 2022

The Canadian Birch Company: 100% handcrafted gourmet and local!

Glenda and her husband, Rory Hart, craft the world’s finest pure birch syrup from organic birch sap and create other gourmet products made from birch syrup. Their unique products are sold under the name The Canadian Birch Company. Their syrup is so delicious they spun it into an award-winning gourmet collection! Featuring Pure Birch Syrups – Gold, Amber & Dark, Birch Bacon Jam, Birch Whiskey Toffee Sauce, Birch for Breakfast Syrups, and new Birch Balsamic Tomato Jam & Birch Chocolate Toffee Sauce.

As the demand for gourmet and handcrafted products in the North American market is increasing, The Canadian Birch responds well to the actual trend. Moreover, with their organic and local products, they fit into the social movement to buy quality and traceable products. The Canadian Birch Company is a proud local producer of handcrafted birch syrup, 100% from Manitoba!

“It takes a lot of hard work to harvest sap across 160 forested acres, craft it all into syrup, process it into the delicious line of gourmet products, package it, bring it to market, and build real relationships with commercial customers. And when Mother Nature is not on our side, it’s a real challenge that can have a huge impact on the production of our premiere ingredient.”, says Glenda Hart.

They have been in business for 10 years now. Their mission has always been to provide the best possible quality birch syrup – The Gold Standard of Birch Syrup; and high-quality, value-added birch syrup products. Their innovative and delicious products had a huge success at the last SIAL show in Montreal. We took the opportunity to ask Glenda, while she was attending the show, to give us some feedback on her experience so far…

Interview with Glenda Hart

WTC: Was it your first time at SIAL?

Glenda Hart: No, we came to SIAL in 2013. We made great contacts there. In fact, that is where we met the chef who now makes our recipes.

WTC: What benefits did you expect from attending SIAL show in Montreal ?

GH: We were hoping to increase awareness of our products. We’re not currently selling anywhere in Quebec. We improved our labels this year to be more attractive to the Quebec market so we were hoping to make contacts here in Montreal.

WTC: How did it go? Are you satisfied with how it went? Did you reach your targets?

GH: I would say it went well. Many people stopped by our booth to try our syrup and gourmet products and loved them! So, we did increase awareness!
We made contact with some chefs and retailers here in Montreal and from BC.

WTC: Did you get some good/new leads?

GH: Yes we did! From Canada, the USA, and France!

WTC: What would you like visitors to take away from your participation in the SIAL tradeshow?

GH: If you stopped by and tried our products and loved them – tell people about them!

WTC: How successful do you think your business/products will be over the next 5 years?

GH: Interest in our birch syrup line has been steadily increasing over the last 5 years and there was a lot of interest here, from buyers and, just as important, consumers – people who were not there to buy but to sell their own services. I made contact with distributors in our “niche” area. The buyer-to-buyer matching really helped with that.

WTC: How was your experience working with the WTC for this activity? Do you want to come back again for another SIAL Show?

GH: Our experience with WTC was amazing! They really took all the extra work off of our shoulders. They arranged everything including media exposure. They kept in touch about everything. I couldn’t miss a deadline because they reminded me and guided me every step of the way. It made it possible for me to focus on getting ready for the show in other ways, and to continue to focus on the other aspects of our business. I would love to come back to SIAL!

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